Northwest Emergency Preparedness Expo

  • March 25, 2017
    4:00 am - 8:00 am

2017 Emergency Preparedness Expo
March 25, 2017
Blaine Pavilion
763 G St. Blaine, WA 98230
11am to 3pm

Who is NWEP?

NorthWest Emergency Preparedness (NWEP) is a 501(c-4) non-profit emergency preparedness educational group that is free to the community. This project was created by Richard Martin, who—after experiencing Hurricane Katrina firsthand in 2005 with his family, and seeing the upset of destruction, the displacement of over 200,000 residents from the New Orleans area to Baton Rouge, mandatory curfews, higher police presence, waiting 2 hours for gasoline, empty shelves, no vacancies, lost pets, loss of communication, a strain on the infrastructure, and a rise in crime and murder, was determined to learn more about EP (emergency preparedness) and share it with the public in his new home of Washington State.

His background includes being an Intel Ops Specialist in the USAF and a Gulf War veteran who did field work in three countries and briefed foreign allies and commanders like General Norman Schwarzkopf and his senior staff. He also supplied NATO operating bases with classified materials in support of European Allied tasking, and was directly involved in his unit receiving the Outstanding US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Intel Unit award.

After his service, he was a licensed Private Investigator for 6 years, general manager of a security services corporation which offered (among other things), executive protection and advanced law enforcement training. During this period, he conducted seminars in personal protection, gang awareness, residential security, instruction in basic self defense, basic firearms and designed a training course for security officers in AZ State that far exceeded state requirements. One of his hobbies is genealogy, which makes use of his research skills and his self proclaimed obsession as an “information junkie”.

NWEP was carefully designed to assist a wide range of people regardless of income level, social status, previous experience or background, focusing on serving the needs of Whatcom County primarily, as well as surrounding counties in Washington State.

Disaster does not care what your religion or politics are, or how much money you make. It impacts us all. We are mostly prone to earthquakes in Washington, but also have 5 active volcanoes in our state. It was only May 18, 1980, when Mount St Helens erupted, causing 57 deaths, $1.1 billion in property damage; a partial collapse of the volcano’s flank, and deposited ash in 11 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Additionally, we live off the coast of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is an oceanic fault line going from California to Vancouver. Subduction, refers to the oceanic plate (in our case, the Juan de Fuca plate) shifting, and pushing under the adjoining land plate, and is part of the infamous geological “Pacific Ring of Fire”. (A “ring” of geographic locations highly prone to seismic activity around the Pacific. This includes the coastline of British Columbia, Canada, as well as Alaska.)

In June of 2016, a multi-agency and multi-state simulated field response operation (exercise) was conducted, called “Cascadia Rising”, in which a M9 earthquake was simulated along the Pacific coast. The after-action report indicated that, “The emergency management community lacked the capacity to respond to the unique complexities for a catastrophic disaster of this magnitude.” (Source: Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise, Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) Catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami, Functional Exercise: June 7-10, 2016: Joint Multi-State After-Action Report September 6, 2016)

To the point of this project, NorthWest Emergency Preparedness seeks to ease the strain on emergency responders in a host of emergency/disaster scenarios, allowing them to assist others in higher priority need. It also works diligently to reduce the level of anxiety in residents regarding disaster scenarios, by proactive personal assessment, education. training and resource referrals, planning assistance and networking with other skill-empowered citizen responders.

  • We have a networking and information Facebook membership page serving nearly 1,000 members (in conjunction with our partner group) worldwide, to include several counties in WA State, out of state, in British Columbia, Australia, Sweden, the UK, the Philippines, and elsewhere.

  • We also have an in-person organization of research and education of people in the history of local area hazards and how emergency preparedness can benefit residents in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, approached through skills and contingency planning in a pro-active and coordinated way

Activities include:

  • Public meetings for administration of group activities and functions

  • Seminars/workshops/lectures for hands-on group instruction and continued learning

  • Public demonstrations of various skill-sets

  • Organization of community response/support groups for assisting others in their community in the event of a natural or man-made emergency/disaster.

  • Internet access to public information, brochures, handouts and instruction


As a non-profit organization, we seek to gain donations/sponsorships from related public and commercial sponsors to sustain the ability to further our stated goals of public education and outreach.

For example:

  • Public media to broadcast group activities of all kinds (newspaper, Internet, brochures, banners, print ads, radio, etc.)

  • Supplies and locations needed for public demonstrations of various skill-sets

  • Organization of community response groups for assisting others in their community in the event of a natural or man-made emergency/disaster (ex: MYN)

Public Event Participation Includes:

  • Bellingham Ski to Sea

  • Whatcom Skillshare Faire

  • Sudden Valley Safety Fair

  • Blaine Chamber of Commerce

  • Hosting Lecture on “Mount Baker: The Active Volcano in Our Backyard”

  • Old Fashioned Blaine 4th of July Parade

What sets us apart?

Understanding the vastly unbalanced ratio between emergency-responders and citizens, we fill an important role between municipal, county, state, federal emergency assistance and the everyday public where we can tailor specific needs, offer sub-set skill training, and refer people to advanced training.

Whenever something happens in the region that might present a large threat to safety (ex: July 20, 2015 New Yorker article, “The Really Big One”, regarding what some geologists insist is an overdue M9 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake; Dec 29, 2015 M4.9 Victoria, BC earthquake felt in Whatcom County; severe Western Washington wind storms and power outages taking lives and affecting hundreds of thousands of resident across Western Washington), membership booms and people come forth asking urgent questions. No one likes thinking about disaster, but NOT thinking about disaster does not make it cease to happen. Preparation and education are logical and wise steps, not to be dismissed as mere paranoia. We find answers, and refer people to respected resources for any advanced training necessary—such as Whatcom County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, or CPR training. We are about awareness. Awareness gives birth to empowerment when put into action.

Local support of previous projects includes Hardware Sales (Bellingham), Van Wingerden Nursery (Blaine), Benson Machine (Sedro Woolley), Flow Motion (Ferndale), Paso del Norte Family Mexican Restaurant (Blaine), Blaine Chamber of Commerce and the City of Blaine, and Tabasco™ (international), WDEM, WA EMD, and others. We appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to your support in the important public work of NWEP.

Most sincerely,

Richard Martin
NWEP , Director

Richard C. Mar

Vendor and Presenter Information

Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Location: Blaine Pavilion, 736 G Street, Blaine, WA 98230 (Entrance is on H Street, adjoining the Blaine Senior/Community Center)

Time: 11am to 3pm

Description of Event:

Emergency response and preparedness

Indoor and outdoor community gathering of emergency responders, display and discussion of sheltering in place (SIP) or emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster situation that merits relocation. Also, class information for subjects such as CPR and First Aid training, and NWEP membership information.


Skills for those who would like to increase their independence in terms of self-sustainability.


Area emergency responders, Blaine Salishan Neighborhood Association (BSNA), Blaine Chamber of Commerce, KGMI (display), etc.

Food vendors:

Senior Center,


Video loops of thanks to supporters, presenters and vendors; Mount St Helens reports, Tsunami Safety, FEMA PSA’s, Mount Baker, Nisqually earthquake reports, Fukushima Earthquake and tsunami devastation and more.

Space requirements and details:

Each “space” indoors amounts to a single 6 foot table and chairs for your presenter/vendor attendee displays, brochures and other information. You may supply your own table skirting and table top covering or use one of any available table skirts we may have. Wall mounting will be available after assessing needs, and will be only temporary mounting where possible.

Outdoor “spaces” will be dependent on the size of your vehicle, structure or canopy, but will be an average of approximately 12 x 12 feet. You are welcome to move your table or tables into an “L” or “U” shape, as long as there is ample room to move about the setting from all sides, for safety reasons.

Tripods, easels and other free-standing banner and display mounts are welcome to bring.

Extension cords, power strips, gaffer tape (duct tape to secure cords safely to the floor, etc.) and other related items are your responsibility and must be supplied by you. Portable video displayed on small screens or laptops computers are welcome, and power cords again are your own responsibility.

Clean up:

Please clean up after yourselves and leave the tables and chairs in the condition in which they were lent. All gaffer tape will be pulled up by the vendor/presenter upon conclusion of the event.

Trash pickup is your responsibility and shall be deposited in the outside dumpster at the completion of the event.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Political activity: Please do not display, petition or solicit debate in political or social advocacy, as this is an emergency preparedness exposition. If you do so, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your vendor fee.

  2. Firearms: Please do not display firearms unless you are an identified emergency responder. If you do so, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your vendor fee.

  3. Professional Demeanor: Please maintain a professional and friendly demeanor in consideration of the family nature of this event. This includes slogans on attire, displays, and your interaction with the public.

  4. Contract for Space: The order of vendor/presenter space, upon acceptance by NWEP assignment of space, and the full payment of rental charges, constitutes a contract for rental of the space assigned. Any exhibitor failing to occupy space is not relieved of the obligation of paying the full rental price.

  5. Nonpayment and Cancellations: Payment for your vendor “space” of $25 is due, in full, by March 10, 2017. Businesses who have not made payment in full by this date will not be permitted to set up their booths. NWEP reserves the right to cancel booth space if payment in full is not made by March 10, 2017. All cancellations of booth space must be made in writing or email. If cancellations occur after March 10, 2017, the vendor forfeits booth deposit.

  6. It is the duty of the vendor to install their displays, canopies, etc. before the start of the event (at 11am). Please ensure that you arrive with plenty of time to get set up before visitors arrive.

  7. Any sound equipment used, shall be set at a reasonable volume; approximately the level of a normal speaking voice. Please do not try to compete for volume with another presenter, vendor or projected video.

  8. Identification signage is welcome, provided it does not excessively exceed your allotted space.

  9. The vendor or presenter warrants that all necessary license and permissions have been or will be obtained prior to using the contracted space for works or items bearing or embodying a copyright, trademark, patent, publicity right or other intellectual property is displayed, performed, reproduced, modified or distributed, in whole or in part, that is not already owned by them, at or from the contracted space. Presenters an vendors agree to indemnify and save the NWEP and its officers, agents, and employees, hosts and affiliates harmless from all claims, losses and damages (including court costs and attorney’s fees) arising out of a presenter or vendor’s unlawful use of such protected material.

  10. Vendors may show, discuss, explain or demonstrate items or services, and provide requested receipts, and change for their transactions themselves.

  11. Applicable fire laws and restrictions regarding capacity and safety will be adhered to.

  12. Giveaways, promotions or drawings: Presentrers and vendors are permitted to give away plastic tote bags, notebooks, key rings, pens, pencils, and other small, inexpensive novelties, as well as literature describing their products and/or services. However, the distribution of beverages or foodstuffs in the exhibit area is strictly prohibited. Prize drawings, lotteries, raffles or games of chance must be approved in advance by NWEP.

  13. Vendor Staffing: Vendor booths must be staffed during all expo hours in which the exposition is open to public attendees.

  14. Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the vendor business to be fully familiar with these Rules and Regulations and to see that each member of their business, assistants or helping family members attending the exposition, either as exhibit personnel or delegate, or both, is also familiar with these Rules and Regulations. Non-compliance may result in ejection from the event, with no vendor space refund.

  15. Indemnification and Liability Release: Exhibitor shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend: NWEP and affiliates, the directors, officers, employees, members, and representatives of all of the about (herein after collectively referred to as the Indemnified Parties) from all losses, claims, liability, damage, actions, judgments, expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys fees) for injury to or death of any persons, loss through theft or otherwise, or damage to property, arising in anyway in connection with the use or enjoyment by the exhibitor, or any other person or entity, with the express or implied permission of the exhibitor, of the space, equipment, or the show space or hall; or arising from the use of the equipment, devices furnished of or used by the exhibitor, or other persons in connection with the exposition, or use of the space. However, exhibitors shall not have such an obligation to any Indemnified Party if damage or injury results from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of that Indemnified Party. None of the Indemnified Parties shall be responsible to the exhibitor, its employees or agents for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the presenter or vendor presenter or vendor, the presenter or vendor’s representatives or employees, or the presenter or vendor’s property, unless solely due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of such Indemnified Party.


Food and drinks will be available for sale by various onsite vendors, and also by donation in the Senior Center kitchen and dining area.

Though donations are always welcome, the Vendor fee is only $25.00, to help cover printing and advertising costs only.

Due to publication schedules, vendor fees or sponsorship commitment must be received by March 25th .


763 G Street, Blaine, Washington, 98230, United States

2 Replies to “Northwest Emergency Preparedness Expo”

  1. In Blaine, but not a Blaine-only event, this is for all of Whatcom County and the surrounding areas, including BC! Support your community in this important educational opportunity and make positive contacts!

    -Blaine Police Department
    -North Whatcom Fire and Rescue
    -Whatcom County Search and Rescue Units
    -Whatcom County CERT (Whatcom Sheriff’s Office/Division of Emergency Management)
    -Blaine CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
    -Whatcom Volunteer Mobilization Center (VMC) with Terri Temple
    -Sudden Valley Amateur Radio Club (Sudden Valley ARRL)
    -Hardware Sales (Bellingham) for home safety tips and more
    -MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) community assistance program
    -Bushcraft (wilderness skills) demonstrations with Todd Saulsbury
    -Boy Scouts of America – Brian Walker (Scoutmaster) Troop 4020
    -Flow Motion (Ferndale) wellness, dance and fitness sanctuary, essential oils education
    -Helo (monitors vital signs in real-time, 24/7, directly on your wrist!)
    -Blaine Chamber of Commerce
    -Blaine Salishan Neighborhood Association (BSNA)
    -Thrive Right freeze dried and dehydrated foods
    -Bobbi Jean Designs – homemade lotions and lip balms, and soap making!
    -Nooksack Valley Music Boosters  (Amy Pike) – event food vendor
    …and others!
    Learn about:
    -Sources for credible information (ex; FEMA, NOAA, NWS, CDC, USGS)
    -Making emergency kits of various kinds
    -Emergency Preparedness for your business
    -Pandemic definition and avoidance measures
    -Building a good First Aid kit
    -Radio communications in an emergency
    -Volcanic eruption (5 active volcanoes in WA State!)
    -Water decontamination
    -Essential Oils for alternative use in wellness
    -Earthquake retro-fitting your home
    -Sources for advanced training in First Aid, CPR and more
    -Pet Emergency Kits, Pet ID, and Pet First Aid concerns
    -Securing your home against earthquake damage
    -Propane tank safety
    -Fuel Storage
    -Cyber-Hacking and EMP’s
    -Alternative cooking methods
    -Getting the kids involved!
    -How to start in emergency preparedness
    -Area natural and man-made hazards
    -Determining power loads for generators
    -Wood as a fuel, and combustion heat values

    Self-sustainability skills:
    -Rain Barrel Construction for collecting rainwater (Brad Walters)
    -North West Rain Solutions (CJ Huxford) high capacity rain water collection and filtration
    -Slow Sand rainwater filtration (David Culver)
    -Thrive Right freeze dried foods (with Debbie Abbot)
    -Canning and Food Storage techniques (Dee Powell and Ruth Mayne)
    -Home gardening techniques and tips for indoor, outdoor, planting schedules (Charles Kelm)
    -Learn the basics of preserving rare and heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds, and which plants are easiest to get started with. Isolation distances, inbreeding vs. outbreeding plants, threshing and seed cleaning techniques will also be explored with Krista Rome (Resilient Seeds)
    -Freeze Dried foods for storage

    Supported by:
    -Cabela’s (Tulalip)
    -KGMI AM 790 Talk Radio
    -Sweet Tangerine Teriyaki
    -Paso Del Norte
    -Hoagland Pharmacy
    -Blaine Chamber of Commerce
    -Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce
    -City of Blaine
    -Sweet Tangerine Teriyaki
    -Northwest Propane
    … and others!

    Sign up for more information, become a free member, network with others!

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