NWEP Emergency Food Storage Options

  • February 10, 2018
    5:30 am - 8:30 am

As most of you know, the previous suggestion from emergency response entities had been for “72 hours” worth of food (and other supplies) stored away for your family in the event of an emergency.  After Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, that was upgraded to 2 weeks, which is a huge graduation in stored food stocks from 3 days to 14 days.

Remember the wind storms of 2015 and loss of power for 2 weeks in some cases?  What did you eat?

Factoid: LDS food storage “pros” work on a gold standard of 1 year of food stored!

This instructional event, is mini-expo style—on the many options for emergency food storage: methods, safety precautions, considerations, home and mobility issues for food supplies, perish-ability choices, nutritional considerations, introduction to canning, vacuum sealing, food-grade buckets, freeze dried foods, smoking and curing meats, local sources for bulk foods and more.  All from experienced food storage veterans.  It will be done in a mini-expo style, in that there will be separate tables representing the different methods in the periphery of the room, displaying related information and gear or supplies involved, and each will do a spoken instruction/familiarization, plus there will be an opportunity for group or individual questions and answers.  Attendees can walk around and participate in a relaxed show and tell atmosphere between speakers and tables.

Some subjects covered:
-Dehydrating foods
-Traditional water-bath canning
-Pressure canning
-Dry food canning
-Making and preserving cheese at home
-Open-fire cooking and dutch ovens
-Making jerky and smoking various meats
-Using food buckets and Mylar bag sealing
-Vacuum sealing bags
-Freeze dried foods
-Bulk dry foods
-Gardening options and considerations

And more!

By “mini-expo style”, what I mean is that our various presenters will be situated at tables around the room periphery with the center area open for seating. Some will speak on their topics individually, and some will be available for food sampling, demonstration or display and will answer various questions posed by the attendees. With the range of topics, none should be considered a “class” in any individual topic of food storage, but instead…..a great opportunity for introduction to techniques, questions and answers with six presenters.  More topic-specific classes can be formed based on group interest from this event.

Slide presentations and video will also be presented!  When I speak of mentoring and finding mentors in emergency preparedness subjects, this is exactly what I am referring to!  Come see our skilled mentors!

Handouts and other information will also be available to guests!  Bring note-taking materials and a snack if you wish to share!  Preferably, show off your stored foods and recipes!  Free to the public!

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