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    Richard Martin

    I want to personally welcome you to NWEP. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and skill sets in various aspects of emergency preparedness.

    Increasing your knowledge, making emergency kits and devising response plans are all highly suggested by all emergency response entities. (ex: FEMA, National Weather Service, US Geological Survey, American Red Cross, CDC, WHO, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, etc.) So, know that this is a fact supported concept of public awareness, not just paranoia.

    What used to be the suggested 72 hour kit, is now a suggested 2 weeks worth of supplies (per person) to function until emergency responders might be able to get to you when needed. This means that you are your own first responder!

    Sadly, it often takes going through a disaster scenario for most people to stand up and take action pro-actively. We see humankind’s worst and best rising from those tragedies.

    We are here to help you access credible information from credible sources (such as those listed above), answer questions, to help encourage you to gain skills and information you don;’t currently have that could be quite valuable to you and your family in an emergency. All of what we do is currently free. We exist on donations from the public, and my personal investment of a VA Disability check to keep doing what we do, because as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I genuinely care about our community.

    If we cannot provide training in-house in a particular area, then we refer you to outside sources who can. We also encourage community mutual assistance with encouragement and support for networking in this area.

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