myNWEP Construction and transition…from Facebook, to our stand-alone website

Welcome to myNWEP! Our primary mode of connecting with the public has for the last several years been through Facebook. However, for various reasons, not everyone has a Facebook account. Plus, there are some other formatting limitations there that prohibit us to do certain things. Thus, the creation of our website here!

We are in the process of moving a multitude of downloadable files, links, photos and many other things here for your referencing convenience, as well as adding other features to make things as easy and personal as possible for you.

We used this medium ( for some of our event registration testing during the pre-Expo period last March (2017).  One of the features we hope to bring soon, is the ability to purchase the high quality, nutritious and versatile freeze dried emergency food here from Thrive Life™! We taste tested it at our “EMP’s the Electrical Grid and Other Power Outage Hazards”  lecture in December 2017 and it was amazingly flavorful!

Keep watching as we continue to build our user interface focus from Facebook—to you here on!

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    1. Hello Sheryl! Until very recently, the site was not publicly accessible, and was in a testing mode with our webmaster. I am about to have it running full time. For many years, our primary place of contact has been Facebook (ex: NW Emergency Preparedness), but there are many restrictions and format challenges there, so I have been moving media and files here for a transition, as well as an alternate space for those who do not use social media platforms such as Facebook.

      I just had eye surgery, so I am am going to be a little slow at adding more material, but it will in fact happen. I appreciate your interest and patience! In effect, virtually on one has seen this site yet, because our nearly 1300 combined members on Facebook are all active there! With my recently published article/column in the Northern Light newspaper, I look forward to welcoming members here.

      We are about to participate at the Blaine School District Back to School Fair on August 21st from 4-7pm, as one of many varied local information sources for parents and students preparing to go back to school.

      I would love to hear what your emergency preparedness concerns are, so that we can address those concerns adequately for your personal and family needs.

      Welcome, and I look forward to talking with you soon!

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